The Jacob Arthur Team

We are a collective of photographers and designers
who are passionate about telling stories.



our philosophy

For us, a wedding is about celebration. It's your opportunity to get all your
friends and family under one roof and to throw a uniquely personal party that celebrates the beginning of your family.

Our intent is to go to a wedding and capture something timeless. It's about telling a story that can take you back and remind you of a day in your life, the people who were a part of it, and what you were feeling. We love great design and how it can work with photography to tell
a story.

We love what we do, and we believe that our passion shows in our work. We see it as a huge privilege and responsibility to be invited to be a part of a very important day with some very cool people from Brooklyn and beyond.



Thank you so much for all your patience, advice, and thoughtfulness leading up to the wedding, and for taking absolutely stunning photos. The photographs will help provide a lifetime of memories; details we may have forgotten years down the line will live on. 

Michele & Justin




Jake started his career as an award-winning photojournalist. He moved to Brooklyn right after college, and spend his early years as a documentary photographer. He oversees the day to day operations of the studio in tandem with his wife, Eva. He's had over 10 years of experience as a wedding photographer, but still approaches each wedding with a fresh eye.

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Sandy's aesthetic and approach are
an example of everything that we love about storytelling through pictures.
She has a knack for capturing intimate candid pictures, and we love the authentic feel that her images always have. 
We're always excited to see what she'll come back with after a wedding.

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Studio Manager

Informed by her love of travel and her work in the fashion industry, Jenna’s photos always capture the big picture without losing sight of those unexpected, intimate moments between two people that make a wedding so unforgettable.
We adore her adventurous spirit and her knack for capturing the true essence of a time and place in a single frame. 

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Lindsay's is great in capturing intimate pictures with her lens, and has an excellent eye for details. She has shot many weddings and has a great feel for what works well in pictures. We always love going through her images after a shoot, as they are bringing the story back alive and create great memories.

See Lindsay's Work Here

Eva is a European born and trained graphic designer. Early in her relationship with Jake she offered her skills to provide our clients with amazing album designs. Jake and Eva got married in summer of last year, and in addition to albums, Eva now oversees post production and collaborates with Jake on the daily management of the studio.

Questions? Contact Eva.