Image Delivery


Color Grading, Selects, and Retouching

Right after wedding or a shoot, we’ll go through and made a select of our favorite images.
We’ll make overall color, hue, saturation and exposure adjustments, or what we call “color grading”.
We’ll also make cropping adjustments and convert photos to black and white at this stage. We’ll send these
 images prepared as full resolution images and they’ll be ready to go in case you want to use the digital files
 to make prints on your own.



Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 4.32.48 PM.png

Examples of images straight from the camera, left, and after color grading, right.




We’ll send along a link to a proofing gallery of all of our selects from the day. You can download full resolution images (either individually or all at once), order prints starting at just one dollar, and share directly to social media accounts. Our partner will keep the images on their server for 10 years from the date that we post them.


When a director makes a movie, they’ll shoot far more footage than will ever make it to the final version. That’s a little bit how we approach photography. We shoot far more images than we think will make the final cut. The color graded, high resolution selects represent our favorites for the day but we do want to share all the “raw footage”. To get you in on the process, we’ll also send along all the additional images in a low resolution form. You can use these to make additional selects.

As part of our service, you can select additional images that you’d like graded and delivered as high resolution images. Weddings include 25 additional color graded selects, and engagement shoots include 10. As you go through the low resolution images, just make a note of the last four numbers of the file names. We can also do additional selects at a rate of $100 per 25 images.



Our shoot fees do not include retouching beyond the color grading described above. However, we work with an expert retoucher and are happy to arrange for additional retouching by request. This could include anything from a cosmetic tweaks to swapping people in and out of photos entirely. Re-touching rates are $100 per hour with a 1 hour minimum.