Some of Our Favorite
People to Work With




Lauren and Flannery are a couple of Lower East Side based chefs. They specialize in at-home events, and are definitely someone to consider for an intimate wedding. These girls are serious about great food and working with their clients to make a creative menu tailored for each event.

74 Events DJs


When we first started shooting weddings in NYC, it seemed like Gary, AKA DJ Gaza was at all of the coolest weddings. We weren't the only ones who enjoyed what he was doing, and in the last decade he's put together a fantastic roster of DJs who know how to get the party going.



We've been at weddings where Bettina has officiated too many times to count and I’m always excited to see her. What makes her stand out as an officiant is how she personalizes each ceremony for the couple. Every time we work with her, it’s clear that she’s taken the time to get to know the people that she’s marrying, and it shines through for everyone at the ceremony.



AKA Landshark. AKA one of the coolest videographers we've had the pleasure of working with. Geoff is based in the middle of America, but some pretty cool couples fly him all over the place to shoot their weddings. He shoots weddings with SharkPig, and we couldn't recommend him more.