Some of the most common
questions from our clients


What’s your photographic style
and approach?

From the joyful to the intimate and all those unexpected moments in between, our goal is to capture what it is that makes your wedding so special, and so you. Shooting in a documentary style, our team adapts to capture the feel of each setting while making the most of natural light wherever possible to let the true beauty of the moment shine.

Jacob’s background is in photojournalism. While his team has grown since he started shooting weddings over six years ago, all the photographers at Jacob Arthur Studio share his particular vision, as well as his easy-going, low-impact style of shooting.

We want you to feel absolutely comfortable and confident in front of our cameras. That’s why we always meet with prospective clients first, to find out more about what it is you’re looking for in a photographer and to make sure we’ll be a good fit.

Do you do family portraits as well?

Absolutely! If you are interested in our portrait service, we recommend that you reserve some time for them in your wedding schedule. 

We’re getting married outside of NYC --
are you willing to travel?


While we do specialize in the New York City area, we’re also happy to travel and shoot your wedding in upstate New York, Montauk and Vermont -- some of our favorite wedding locations. Feel free to contact us to find out more about taking our show on the road.

Sounds great! How do we book you?

If your are interested in working with us on your big day, send an email to Eva to see if your preferred photographer is available. She’s happy to help you find a photographer that fits your budget and style.

After an initial meeting, if you think Sandy, Jacob, or Jenna is a good match for you, we’ll send you a booking proposal based on what you discussed with your photographer.

How many hours of coverage we you need?

While every wedding is different, in our experience it takes an average of 7 hours to achieve full coverage of your day - from getting ready and snapping couple portraits, to the ceremony and the reception afterwards. We can also extend our coverage to make sure there’s enough time to capture your story from start to finish. Just ask!

How long will it take
to receive my photos after the wedding?

We put a lot of love into editing your pictures to make sure you come away with truly spectacular photos of your wedding. It takes about 4-5 weeks to receive the selects: a set of about 150 images we feel tell your story best. We also offer you full access to all the images taken that day so you can add even more shots to your selects. We’ll then edit them and upload them to your personal online gallery.

How do I order prints?

Some of our wedding packages include prints, but you can order them through us separately as well. We also provide you with high resolution files of all your selects without watermarks, just in case you’d prefer to order prints elsewhere. 

What about photo albums?

We love wedding albums -- they’re such a great way to share your pictures with friends and family, rather than having them sit on a hard drive. We work with a bookbinder that pays special attention to detail and offers custom crafted albums, using only the best materials like Italian leather and Japanese silk.

You’ll receive a first draft of your album with the images you’ve selected approximately 4 weeks after the wedding. Working with Eva (our in-house graphic designer), you’ll then be able to tweak and edit to your liking. After submitting the final draft, the production time of a custom crafted album is about 6 weeks.

Can I make additional selects?


We’re happy to say that most clients we work with are over-the-moon with the selects we provide them - but hey, you never know. That’s why we give you access to the full take so you can make your own additions. Maybe we caught a favorite aunt or an old friend from school, or there might be a certain detail of your bouquet that really captured your heart. Don’t be shy, add them to the mix! We’ll color grade them and add them to your gallery. 25 additional selects are already included in our packages, but it’s always possible to add even more.




Some terms to help decode
all this photographer-speak


Full Take

Sandy, Jacob and Jenna usually shoot over 1000 images at a wedding in order to capture all those little details and emotions while they’re happening. Collectively, we call these images the "full take". 

Selects After the wedding, we comb through your images and pull out the shots that work best together to create your individual narrative. This set of 150+ images is what we call the "selects". These selects are then color graded, adjusted for hue, saturation and contrast, cropped, and given the star treatment until they positively glow. These selects will then be delivered to you in an online gallery that you can easily share with family and friends. You can also peruse this gallery at any time to order prints. 


Color Grading

“Color grading” means that we adjust each image in your selects individually in order to work in greater detail on its saturation, contrast, and color scheme. Sometimes a photo is just begging to be converted to black and white, an exposure level needs tweaking here or a white balance there. The end product is a set of photos that’s effortlessly cohesive without looking overly processed.


Full Resolution

We always shoot in a very high resolution to ensure that large prints can be made of your photos, meaning there’s a lot of pixel information and depth in the images. These large files are the ones that are used to order prints or create an album. 


Low Resolution

Low resolution images have a significantly smaller file size. We use these smaller files when putting together the full take that we’ll share with you, so you can quickly and easily download them to your computer and make any additional selects. A full resolution image has about 5 MB, compared to a low resolution image at about 500 KB.